91% of You Will Ignore this in 2020: How To Stand Out On Social Media

Uncategorized May 09, 2020

Have you noticed how difficult it feels to be seen and heard on social media?

Hi! My name is Kristian and today I want to share with you the reason why small business owners are struggling to be seen and reach larger audiences on social media.

Right now, more and more people than EVER are using social media to promote their business and services. Which can make things feel a bit crowded for everyone. Social media is so powerful and that’s why everyone is trying to leverage it.. But what can you do to stay ahead of the pact and reach your audience first?

If you are someone who feels like you’re not getting enough eyes on your content there are two things you need to do right away.


  1. Be consistent – You have to show consistency. Have a schedule for yourself. Show up every single day for your business. Be sure to reply to all of your comments and consistently engage with your followers and audience.


  1. Live Stream & Share Video Content – Do this frequently! During this recent pandemic there is no better time to connect with your audience as they feel isolated during this quarantine and need to feel connected. What better way to build a connection than video, right? Consistently sharing video builds trust and more trust will lead to building that loyal customer base and MORE SALES! You’ll also have the ability to better answer questions about what you offer to those who are on the fence about buying from you.

Important Stats That Will Skyrocket Your Business:

  • 80% of consumers would rather watch a live video than read a blog post
  • 82% of Internet Traffic comes from live streaming in 2020
  • Consumer are 39% more likely to share video content
  • 54% of consumers want to see more video content from businesses and brands they support
  • 73% of businesses find that video impacts their ROI positively and brings in more sales

 I know for myself, sharing video content has been game changing for my business and personal brand. I now have more customers coming to me instead of me chasing them. Pretty awesome, right? Not to mention more opportunities have come my way such as press and podcasts since implementing more video content.

If you’d like to take a deeper dive visit: https://www.kristianb.co/ultimatelive


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